Are you a sales person looking to create a super turbocharged sales pipeline of prospects who just can't wait to buy from you?

Do you want to discover how to smash targets, dramatically increase your bonus, close more quality business in less time and with less stress and hassle?

Are you a Sales Leader, Sales Trainer, Sales Coach or Sales Manager keen to improve the sa;es skills of your B2B sales team?


TurboCharged Sales is just for you.

This is the ultimate rinse and repeat sales improvement sales training course...that you can use time and time again to continually improve your sales performance.

TurboCharged Sales is a 21-day email based sales improvement course which contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best sales practices, short cuts and inside sales tracks for turbocharging your sales results. Forever.

Think of this course as your key to creating a sales fortune and an industry reputation for delivering high quality, high margin business. 

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TURBOCHARGED SALES - It's not for Losers!!

TurboCharged Sales contains everything you could ever want to know about increasing sales conversions, speeding up sales close rates, increasing margins, sales pipeline value, cross selling, upselling, and so much more....in fact, this is the ultimate rinse and repeat program for continuous sales improvement

TurboCharged Sales is for For ALL Target Carrying, Driven and Ambitious Sales People – Telesales, Field Sales, Direct Sales, New Business, Lead Generations, Appointment Setters and Account Developers, Sales Leaders, Coaches, Sales Trainers and Owner/Managers. 

TurboCharged Sales is designed for busy sales people AND the people who support them

Sales people who appreciate learning on the move.

Sales people who have neither the time, money, inclination to sit in a room all day.

Sales people who want to test what they learn as they are learning.

Sales people who understand the benefit of continuous sales improvement.

Sales people who understand the financial benefits of life long learning.

Sales people who understand time is money.

Sales people who understand that the world of sales is changing and buyer needs are changing too.

Sales Leaders, Coaches and Trainers who want to fully support the revenue generating sales professionals.


Carol Griffiths MBA  - Director, Morton Kyle Limited

A Sales Course For All Skill Levels

You can turbocharge your sales results whatever level you're currently at, whether you've been selling for years or are totally new to the exciting world of sales. 

This 21-day email based course will benefit you in lots of ways.

Firstly,  giving you better sales results, greater deal focus and more time. Plus, it will dramatically transform your sales career into a fast track to wherever you want to go, earning what you want, when you want.

A Course Based On Facts, Data and Tested in Real Live Sales Situations.

This course was written based on cold, hard facts collated over 25 years sales experience, including over 20 years experience in training sales teams and turning around failing sales functions.

These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim.

The information in this course changes lives and sales careers.


Only for Subscribers:

Take just 15 minutes everyday and -  
1. Create 60 mins+ extra selling time every day, that's 20+ hrs per month
2. Discover the 3 most important insights to SMASH your sales target
3. Master the art of making every minute count  
4. Uncover the simple system that means you’ll never cold call again  
5. Incorporate sales clout into your business generation efforts  
6. Build a perpetual motion referral engine  
7. Gain a healthy, highly qualified steam of hungry sales prospects 
8. When you’re short on time, target and leads…here's what to do!
9. Learn how to use price to your advantage…every time  
10. Discover only 6 things you need to know about influencing anyone
11. Master the art of running great prospect meetings 
12. Develop a sales pipeline that feeds your target every month
13. Boost your average order value using 4 simple techniques  
14. Double your sales conversion rate by asking one low key question  
15. Kill your competition, legally and with their permission
16. Get your leg out of the blind auction – never compete on price again 
17. Gain expert status with the prospects and customers  
18. Take the stress out of selling…FOREVER  
19. Build a rock solid sales pipeline AND sales reputation  
20. Understand which sales metrics make you rich  
21. Have your prospects saying ‘this is a no-brainer, where do I sign?’  
22. Take the hard work out of sourcing leads, selling and closing
23. Build certainty into your sale process, presentation and pitch  
24. Forget about getting around the gate keeper….sail straight through  
25. Uncover the single most important fact about sales targets and why you should ignore them

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